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Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette

STIGI ENERGI is a trading company of 100% Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes, from Indonesia. We have been manufacturing the Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes for overseas since 2016 with more than 2200 Ton volume. We offering a unique and environment friendly of Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquettes products to household and industrial customers around the world (UK, Turkey, Saudi, Iraq, Rusia).

Our company has good quality control process of our briquettes, from coconut shell selection, cleaning and carbonization all the way through to final briquetting, drying and packaging. Our production locations is an integrated coconut charcoal industry located in Central Java, Indonesia.

Our strength product :
– High Fixed Carbon
– Low Ash content
– High density and strong press
– Long duration of flame
– Eco-Friendly: 100% Natural Ingredient, no Chemicals
– Variety of Shapes and Sizes
– Easy to ignite (less than 10minutes)
– Longer Burning Time (400% longer than ordinary charcoal)
– High Efficiency (stable no need fan)
– Smokeless and Odorless
– Safe, Clean and No Toxic (free of harmful sulfur)
– Flexible Packaging and Easy to Store
– Lab Tested and Certified Specs

We have 2 varieties of the products :
1. Grade A – Premium Briquette
Material: 100% coconut shell charcoal

          25 mm x 25 mm x 15 mm (other dimension available)
          25 x 30 x 40 mm (BBQ)

Carbon: 85.00%
Moisture content: 6.12%
Volatile material: max 6%
Ash content: max 2.5%, can be reduced < 2% (bright ash color)
Calorie value: min 7352 kcal / Kg
Characteristics of use: This briquette is used for shisha / hookah / BBQ fuel. This product
will suitable for Middle East, Turkey, Europe and America.

2. Grade B – Standard Briquette
Material: 50% coconut shell charcoal and 50% hardwood

          Hexagonal d = 50 mm, t = 50 mm

Carbon: 78.00%
Volatile material: max 9%
Ash content: max 6% (bright ash color)
Calorie burning <6500 kcal
Characteristics of use: This briquette is commonly used in the food industry, BBQ, and large
industries as boiler fuel. The distribution of briquettes is for the local Indonesian market

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